Rachel Dreyer


About Rachel Dreyer

Email: rachel@dudum.com

Hello, I am Rachel Dreyer. If you are here, you’re likely somewhere in the real estate buying or selling process. It’s one of the biggest financial transactions an individual makes in their lifetime, and so partnering with a professional who can guide, advise, listen, and be relentless in service is critical. You want to choose a Realtor who listens to what you want and provides you with the data points that allow for the most informed decision. My clients will tell you I will put you at ease and provide the level of service and perspective that enables you to make an informed decision on this investment in your future.

A little about me…
Originally from Ohio, I have moved several times between the San Francisco Bay Area and the Midwest. I have had the personal experience of buying and selling homes in San Francisco, Chicago, Walnut Creek, and Lafayette. My husband, two boys, and I have been fortunate to call the wonderful community of Lafayette home for the last twelve years.

After graduating college in New Hampshire, I started my working career in retail and learned the valuable lesson of service and client-centric thinking. Years later, I would venture into the financial industry, where I learned cost benefit analysis and the importance of creating value via consultation. I have also worked with developmentally disabled children and adults, teaching therapeutic horseback riding. It is these experiences and lessons that I bring to each client. Patience, empathy, and the anticipation of an individual’s needs are at my core as a human being.

Like many homeowners, I found the real estate process intriguing, and when my sons were 8 and 10, I took the leap and earned my Real Estate License. It’s been the perfect career choice, and has allowed me to be an involved and present parent to my two boys.

My passion is simple; I love working with people and I take great pride and satisfaction in providing my buyers and sellers with a high level of service, perspective, and expertise. Allow me to share how my skills and experience will benefit you!